Muslim Dosth Ft.Kantri Guyz || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media Published on May 17, 2019


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  • m ramesh
    m ramesh1 month agoWho has muslim friends hit a like👇👇👇👇
  • venugoudkatam
    venugoudkatam1 month agoBro by watching u r video🎥 everyone👤 should realize that end of the day☀ we all r human being irrespective of the religion🙏🙏 caste & creed... Allah... God is great... Sab ka malik ek hai
  • Mahesh Varma Gani
    Mahesh Varma Gani1 month agoIM CHRISTIAN..... i have lotz of frends hindhu nd muslim more thaan christains
  • yasin basha
    yasin basha1 month ago (edited)Bgm beautiful😍💓😘💞
  • Mohammed Md
    Mohammed Md1 month agoLoved this video, excellent. Every religion is good until unless we hear it from a politician's mouth. Donot learn from politicians they can sell their soul for votes, see around and learn, analyse practically. It will shock most of us that there were no hindu muslim riots till 1857 (approx 900 years), then britishers started their policy of divide and rule.
  • Taj Badshah
    Taj Badshah1 month agoIm Muslim but I have lot frdzs Hindhus more then Muslim frdzs# WE @RE INDIANS
  • Vijay k
    Vijay k4 weeks agoINTHIYAZ
  • Marumamula Ajay
    Marumamula Ajay1 month agoHello bro wow super nice video bro i really enjoyed this videoI also have a muslim frd
  • Jaichu Prince
    Jaichu Prince1 month agoName : sameer
  • Chandu Mocharla
    Chandu Mocharla1 month agoSame to same nenu ma friend "ziauadhin"😍😍😘😘😎🙌🙌
  • mohan sirumalla
    mohan sirumalla1 month agoమరొక్క సరి హిందూ ముస్లిమ్ బాయి బాయి.... అని చెప్పినందుకు tq... anna
  • Akhilesh Raj
    Akhilesh Raj1 month agoWe hate Ajmal kasab but we are devotees of Abdul kamal 🇮🇳
  • arun Rathod
    arun Rathod4 weeks agoAnna super Anna me lanti friends undalli excellent bhaya superb video ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍🙏🙏🙏.............
    TELUGU TO URDU4 weeks agoSuper super chandu. Best vedio tammudu. True msg. ALL ARE ONE.
  • mv ramarao Rao
    mv ramarao Rao3 weeks agoWhere is jigel rani 5 plz upload fast
  • Mohan Velakapuram
    Mohan Velakapuram1 month agoOne of your best Video Bro
  • Royal RoWdY s
    Royal RoWdY s4 weeks agoNa best friend Abbas in my life time🤝❤
  • Birkur Chintu
    Birkur Chintu1 month agoNice video bro iam hindi but my jaan jeegri frd minaj😘😘💪
  • Mohammed Irfan
    Mohammed Irfan1 month agoBrother superb💙👍
  • Miryala sri lakshmi
    Miryala sri lakshmi1 month agoSuper super super this is my country proud to be am indian