251 Dholis Record Malaysia Published on Oct 3, 2014


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Participant's elert: Rehearsal: 5th October 2014 @4pm @ Dataran PJ Final Attempt: 6th October 2014 @7am @ Dataran PJ For more info: 0128870669 / 0163700039/ 0162073027


  • Piggro Pigs
    Piggro Pigs3 months agoVery very good boys keep up your voice don’t breaks off your heart all the best guru Ji
  • Vince Fonua
    Vince Fonua4 months ago (edited)What are the beats called at
  • Pang5 AkhirZaman
    Pang5 AkhirZaman2 months ago (edited)Wow... Best 👍👍👍
  • Giorgio Cosentino
    Giorgio Cosentino2 years agoAs a white boy, I've watched/listened to this video a hundred times, so that I can learn to play the Dhol at my daughter's school holiday event this Thursday. Even at work today, I practiced on a coffee can during lunch time, with this video! I can't play as well as you guys, but I will still put the same amount of heart into it! You guys rock! Thanks for sharing! Sincerely, "G-Dhol" (from White Boy Productions!)
  • rt bigman
    rt bigman2 years agoKing G Smashed it again, Man...
  • daigames sg
    daigames sg3 years agoi am chinese but i like multi calture
  • Md Liton
    Md Liton8 months agoHey hey balle balle paji love you from Bangladesh 🌹😍
  • M8
    M81 year agoYour dhol make me smile
  • Rekha Jaiswal
    Rekha Jaiswal10 months agoI love the base of dhol
  • Qazi Raheel
    Qazi Raheel3 years agoToo good. Loved it. That was simply awesome.
  • Mukesh malhotra 8051434666
    Mukesh malhotra 805143466611 months agoMukesh raj
  • sumit 3619
    sumit 36193 years agokaam bolo jada bjao
  • ankit rana
    ankit rana4 months agoTop brdrs
  • Ranveer Randhawa
    Ranveer Randhawa1 year agoHahaha.. Good try
  • Radhey Shyam
    Radhey Shyam7 months ago100 out of 100 ji
  • Parama Gupta Parama
    Parama Gupta Parama1 year agoNice dholi dor
  • Sufi Mohd Azad Ali
    Sufi Mohd Azad Ali1 year ago100lid and amazing
  • Usman Chaudhry
    Usman Chaudhry1 year agoBloody hell. Talking too much. Dhool bjao demagh na bjao
  • amarjeet singh
    amarjeet singh2 years agoBest hobby...its like meditation
  • kuldeep Ladhar
    kuldeep Ladhar2 years agoਵੈਰੀ ਅੱਤ ਵੀਰ ਜੀ