Harman's Military Training with Rajputana Rifles Regiment | The General And His Son Episode 10 Published on Sep 7, 2018


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Veer by Discovery presents the web series - “The General And His Son”. Harman and General Singha are at Rajputana Rifles Centre, Delhi. General is suprised to see his son getting up early and going for the gym. General calls along his friend to take Harman to the morning drill of soldiers at Raj Rifles Training Area where he wants Harman to experience the military style of gymming. Initially Harman was reluctant because he was afraid that he can't compete with the trained soldiers. The General assures him that his competition is with himself only and he should give it a shot. Father's words of encouragement inspires Harman to go head to head with the grizzled soldiers and take part in the battle obstacle drill. Even though he doesn’t record the best time, he still manages to complete the drill with a respectable time. The General comes to him and tells him that the fact that Harman gave his best shot and didn’t give in to his fears has made him the proudest father in the world. वीर बाइ डिस्कवरी प्रस्तूत करता है "जनरल ऐंड हिज़ सन" लेफ्टिनेंट जनरल इकबाल सिंह सिंघा और हरमन सिंघा के साथ। हरमन अपने पिता के साथ राजपूताना राइफल्स सेंटर दिल्ली में हैं। हरमन सुबह की मिलिटरी ड्रिल में हिस्सा ले रहे हैं। हरमन अनिच्छुक थे क्योंकि उन्हें डर था कि वह प्रशिक्षित सैनिकों के साथ प्रतिस्पर्धा नहीं कर सकते। जनरल उन्हें आश्वासन देते हैं कि उनकी प्रतियोगिता केवल खुद के साथ है और उसे एक कोशिश करनी चाहिए। The General And His Son, Veer By Discovery’s first web series about a Father-Son’s journey of learning important lessons of life. Lt. General Iqbal Singh Singha is a military general who lives a life of utmost discipline and undying devotion to his duty. Whereas Lt. General Singha’s civilian son, Harman has reached a point in his life where he finds himself at unusual crossroads and yearns for some clarity. For this Harman has planned a month long road trip with his father to visit all the places that are close to Lt. General Singha’s heart. He believes that by doing so he will get a better picture of how his father is as a person and in the process, he hopes to learn some valuable lesson to live life better. Watch the story of a Lt. General father and his millennial son, embarking upon this fascinating new journey only on Veer By Discovery HAWS: High Altitude Warfare School: http://bit.ly/HAWS-HighAltitudeWarfar... Watch how the soldiers of the Indian Army are trained at HAWS campus to become mountain warriors of India. Subscribe to our channel to see more amazing facts and experiences about Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces from Discovery India: http://bit.ly/VEERbyDiscovery Indian Air Force Academy: http://bit.ly/IndianAirforceAcademy-F... Watch the journey of Air Force Academy cadets from their civilian days to training and becoming the guardians of skies Indian Submariners: http://bit.ly/BreakingPointIndianSubm... Watch Harman Singha as he gets trained by Naval Experts and Journeys into the Blue in Indian Submarine. Check out the documentaries on how the Indian Commandos are trained: http://bit.ly/TrainingOfParaSFCommando Watch the Documentaries on Wars fought by the Indian Army and the stories of their Bravery.: http://bit.ly/IndianArmy-MissionsAndWars Check out videos of some of the most commendable operations carried out by Indian Army: Operation Taj - Mumbai terrorist attacks: http://bit.ly/MumbaiTerroristAttack Operation Meghdoot - Life of Indian soldiers on Siachen: http://bit.ly/IndianArmyOnSiachen Maldives Crisis: http://bit.ly/MaldivesCrisisOperation... Yemen Rescue: http://bit.ly/OperationRaahat-YemenRe... Other Discovery India Channels Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryCha... Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiscoveryIN Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/discoverych... Veer by Discovery is India’s first dedicated digital channel for the Indian Armed Forces. This is Episode 10 of the web series "The General and His Son" featuring Harman Singha and Lt Gen I S Singha. In this episode, Harman is experiencing the morning drill and battle obstacle course at Rajputana Rifles Center in Delhi.


  • Nitish Sharma
    Nitish Sharma1 year agoI am NCC cadet in my college..!! Proud to be small part of indian army..!! Hope to be an officer in future..!! Jai Hind..!!
  • Rahul Jadoun
    Rahul Jadoun1 year agoI am also soldier in Rajputana rifles
  • Balwinderpal singh
    Balwinderpal singh1 year agoMilitary Training should be made compulsory for every citizen. They can clear cities from encroachments and repair patholes on roads. Such a big population coming to cities can not be controlled by police only. Corrupt administration officials can not deliver things.
  • kareem basha
    kareem basha1 year agoDad do you want me to do it?......Gen: I want you to experience it......that is called General.
  • Shefali singh
    Shefali singh11 months ago (edited)I will never forget these lines - "Your greatest growth comes from overcoming your biggest fear."😊
  • Be Curious
    Be Curious1 year agoI am serving in Indian army as a captain.. I love these series
  • Manoj Bhandari
    Manoj Bhandari1 year agoRajputana rifle is great 🇮🇳🇮🇳😘😘
    PRAVESH YADAV1 year agoBadi jaldi khatam ho jata hai yr.....increase little more time of these videos
  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh1 year agoThank you "Your greatest growth comes from overcoming your biggest fear."
  • being concious
    being concious1 year agoi am preparing for SSB and this shortfilm is really motivating me .
  • Devendra kumar Dubey
    Devendra kumar Dubey1 year agoI hope one day i will be a part of this great family rajputana rifle
  • Kaushal Singh
    Kaushal Singh10 months agoWe r proud of Rajputana Rifles...♥️♥️
  • Upkar Singh
    Upkar Singh1 week agoSir can I bodybuild by joining army...
  • The Badass Warrior
    The Badass Warrior1 year agoWe are proud of you!! Heroes! Jai Hind
  • Rajputana Rifle,s
    Rajputana Rifle,s1 year ago (edited)Im Rajputana Rifles
  • kiran jeena
    kiran jeena3 months ago10:45
  • Pulakeshin Joshi
    Pulakeshin Joshi4 months agoI've grown up in a naval base in Mumbai and did 4 yrs course of Sea cadets Corp and most importantly I love our forces and there extreme sacrifice I'm proud of it, but after growing up I'm not get my hands on these sort of obstacles or which I miss a lot, kaash ek Civilian ko bhi chance mile.... To show passion for our country
  • Vivek Negi
    Vivek Negi1 year agoWell done when I did it first time I completed 9 obstacles in
  • Jasnoor Singh
    Jasnoor Singh1 year agoSo true sir , and again thanks for sharing these beautiful videos it motivates all of us , Harman bhai Love you and A Big Salute 💂‍ From me to Our One and Only LT General Iqbal Singh Sir . Jai hind .
  • Arsh Riar
    Arsh Riar5 days agoJAI HIND🇮🇳🇮🇳