Off-Road Trucking & 4x4 - Puruni Kartabu Amazon Rain-Forest Published on Jul 13, 2016


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A view of Puruni loom road to Guyana Gold Feild(ETK mining). The road will experience breakage during rainy season and demand trucking. In this trip we travel from Putin landing/crossing to parochial landing/crossing and back to puruni. The driving during is approximately 4hrs at avarage 40mph. Stay tune for more videos of Puruni off road with many bridges crossing.


  • 47MasoN47
    47MasoN473 years agoWow, that is some really thick, soupy mud. Cool video, I enjoyed watching it!
  • Sheikh Abrahim
    Sheikh Abrahim1 month ago (edited)Nobody cares for the environment. Look at the colour of the waters in the river/ creek. Every one wants gold, gold, gold. I wonder what level of mercury and other arsenic compounds are in the water.
  • john chapman
    john chapman2 years agoHow old are some of the Bedfords, and do you get many problems with them ? Thanks from Mansfield, England.
  • res7itzt
    res7itzt2 years agoGreat stuff man, can`t wait for part 2 :)
  • Angus Copland
    Angus Copland10 months agoNever thought I'd see the old Bedfords again.
  • roger davies
    roger davies1 year ago (edited)block and tackle-double pulling power--ripwrap roads--logs laid crossways to direction of travel, keep building up untill good passage
  • Ozzstar
    Ozzstar3 years agoThat is some serious off roading. What liquid are those trucks carrying that got stuck in the mud?
  • pbreedu
    pbreedu5 months agoHighly flammable!
  • Gamma Light
    Gamma Light2 years agothese trucks are the closest thing to a mechanical caterpillar I'll ever see, love it!!
  • หมาย รักจัง
    หมาย รักจัง2 years agoดีครับ
  • alnot01
    alnot011 year agoNecessary condition for driving at that place and time: 4 wheel drive, a light load and a power winch at both front and back, and a 50m steel cable.
  • thai VINCENTO
    thai VINCENTO1 year agopar contre navarra kk patrol sd 3l3 atmo ou td ok
  • David Potter
    David Potter10 months agoNice pics of the villages
  • Alexandre Moura
    Alexandre Moura10 months agoThe liquidnis diesel and gasoline
  • Joe Govanni
    Joe Govanni8 months agoOh beautiful Guyana.......
  • Sunil Sankar
    Sunil Sankar1 year agobeautiful Guyana
  • Vito Prashad
    Vito Prashad1 year agoThey need lockers
  • Mike Lamothe
    Mike Lamothe1 year agoThe perfect place to employ snatch blocks and they carry a total of what? 0 you say. Is this government funded? That bastard clay has got to be the most infuriating, frustrating, emasculating surface one needs work on. The only positive thing about red clay is its innate ability to drive a person to drink.
  • alnot01
    alnot011 year agoThese nighmarish conditions in the South American bush were depicted in the classic 1954 French film The Wages of Fear. In that film, the trucks were carrying nitroglycerine to help put out a fire in a jungle oil field owned by an American multinational.
  • Vegan Traveler DIY
    Vegan Traveler DIY2 years agothey should really fix these roads, with gravels or something