Enter The Tiger Zord! Published on Feb 24, 2012


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Jayden regains control of the lost Tiger Zord and uses it to combine with the Samurai Megazord to create the Tiger Drill Megazord with a four-drill finisher! Morphin' Legacy Your Source for Power Rangers News from Mighty Morphin' to Super Samurai! http://morphinlegacy.com I DO NOT OWN SUPER SENTAI OR POWER RANGERS, ALL RIGHTS TO TOEI, SABAN , NICKELODEON AND BANDAI


  • Matthew forsyth
    Matthew forsyth7 years agoMan this is so awesome and thar was so epic
  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    ZeldaTheSwordsman7 years agoAs far as drill-using formations go, the Dragonzord Battle Mode still wins.
  • Matthew forsyth
    Matthew forsyth7 years agoand when i said that imeant to say that
  • maximusdarkultima
    maximusdarkultima1 year agohe wanted to be the best of the very best
  • Matthew Forsyth
    Matthew Forsyth6 years agoNo it doesent
  • Gregory Stec
    Gregory Stec7 years agoawesome
  • CA&B10F2019 Super Sentai Fans
    CA&B10F2019 Super Sentai Fans1 year agoJayden get Kevin and tiger zord back to normal
  • James Scarborough
    James Scarborough5 years agoTommy's Tiger Zord is the Best
  • Khushiram Khushiram
    Khushiram Khushiram1 year agoAll episode translate in hindi
  • Kerby Opiana
    Kerby Opiana1 month agoi think tiger zord evil because he nothing to do nighlock is noob the megazord hack
  • Streakbeast 2018
    Streakbeast 20181 year agoYou call that a tiger zord
  • Shelby Ramirez
    Shelby Ramirez1 year ago👋👋👋👋
  • Porg liberation movement
    Porg liberation movement7 years agoTommy's was WAY better......
  • Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia7 years agoTommy white tiger Zord vs this piece of crap
  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher3 years agothis is one of a kind.
  • Rendra Prismawan
    Rendra Prismawan1 year agotiger wtf zord, tommy white tiger zord is more more better
  • Amergames4 Rahman
    Amergames4 Rahman2 years agosexy so sexy
  • Bryce Thomas
    Bryce Thomas6 years agoyou call that a Tiger Zord
  • Samuel Chandoe
    Samuel Chandoe6 years agoToo bad they didn't make megabloks tigerzord
  • Greg Martin
    Greg Martin5 years agoTHE TIGERZORD CAN FLY???