War of Words: Second Session of 15th Legislative Assembly Day 01 | Jagan | CBN | Political Qube Published on Jul 11, 2019


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  • swamy yadav
    swamy yadav1 week ago (edited)హుందాతనం మరచిపోయారు...
    RAVI KRISHNA1 week agoAnduke 200 yrs british vallu paripalincharu
    Pgouri CHINNAOBULESU1 week agoఅసలు విషయం మీద జరగాల్సిన చర్చకు
  • Suresh Bujji
    Suresh Bujji1 week agoNo one will solve neither this government also it's our foolishness to believe politiciens
  • Mahesh Mahesh
    Mahesh Mahesh1 week agoravali current kavali currennt
  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja1 week agoPanikimaalina vaallani assembly lo kurchopettam. Chi mana brathukulu maname ___________😭😭😭
  • happiest planet
    happiest planet1 week agoNee amma EMI navvu ra adi psycho navvu
  • Srinivasarao dasari
    Srinivasarao dasari1 week agoRe meemalni prajala problems chidandi.
    SIVA RAO1 week agoస్పీచ్లు కాదన్నా, పనులు సక్రమంగా అమలు చేసేందుకు కృషి చేయాలి
  • Katte Yellappa
    Katte Yellappa1 week agomee sollu aapi water problems solve Cheyyandi, villages lo traguneeru leeka prajalu alladuthunnaru
  • Balaji Babu Kakaraparthi
    Balaji Babu Kakaraparthi1 week agoAll are should behave like a responsible leader s...What is all this nonsence
  • Sasanapuri Kalki
    Sasanapuri Kalki1 week agonext govt lo just seats should be reversed and Ram Mohan naidu should be a mla
  • Uday Kumar
    Uday Kumar1 week agoCBN gaadu oka chetha na dash gaadu...dagaakoru dabulbaachi gaadu...
  • Garimidi Ram
    Garimidi Ram1 week agoOre anill nuvu edsthi votulu vesaru
  • M Saravan Raju
    M Saravan Raju1 week agoBabulu solution kavali soluvadu Villages thagadaniki water leadu
    MOHAN SARA1 week agoSabha Antha solle,Nomore perfect leader in Ap... Save the God 🙏
  • ediga eranna
    ediga eranna1 week agoCBN Jagan respective ga debate chestunnaru.
  • venkat pathuri
    venkat pathuri1 week agoRavali current kavali current
  • vijaya bhaskar reddy
    vijaya bhaskar reddy1 week agoKaleshwaram project poorthi kaledu jagan mohan reddy garu ......inka chala chala time taking....
  • dhanu dhanunjaya
    dhanu dhanunjaya1 week agoHello Anil sir

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