Linked Genes and Offspring Distribution Published on Jan 8, 2015


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  • Itishree Sahoo
    Itishree Sahoo1 year agosir can u increase the volume of ur vedio
  • riya sharma
    riya sharma3 years agoHi sir.
  • mohamed ibrahim
    mohamed ibrahim1 year agowhy only 10 % for recombination ?
  • James A
    James A3 years agoHey there, loving the videos. Just a quick question, how did you arrive at 10% recombination frequency? In another video, you explained it is dependant on the distance between the two genes, which isn't known in this case.
  • In Young Park
    In Young Park2 years agogreatly appreciate these videos.
  • Luke Dewey
    Luke Dewey3 years agoThanks
  • l u
    l u4 months agohello sir how did u know that it was 40% for non recombinants and 10% for recombinants?
  • Nadjet Nadjet
    Nadjet Nadjet7 months agoشكرا على فيديوهاتك استفدت منها كثيرا في دراستي الجامعية 🌷🌷🌷
  • ServantToTruth
    ServantToTruth8 months agoEhh