How BIG is Volkswagen? (They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..) Published on Dec 22, 2016


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  • Joonatan Kuula
    Joonatan Kuula2 years agoThere really is no channel like this on Youtube that puts you into this really relaxed mood when you're watching one of it's videos while getting very informed. Love the content as always.
  • Chandler Mcelhaney
    Chandler Mcelhaney1 year agoadolf hitler actually wanted an budget friendly car
  • Sony Christanto
    Sony Christanto1 year ago"Ford thought it was worthless" haha
  • Bilack
    Bilack1 year ago50% Comments talking about Porsche not being spelled right.
  • Abhay Achal
    Abhay Achal1 year agoVolkswagen > Ford + GE combined
  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit2 years agoVW > Ford
  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman1 year agoAwesome. I work for Volkswagen in Chattanooga TN
  • Ducki Kaplan
    Ducki Kaplan1 year agoIts not porsch its PORSCHE DONT FORGET THE E
  • Igor Lauma
    Igor Lauma11 months agoNaziwagen! So the Axis Powers make the best cars, period!
  • scfog90
    scfog903 days agoPorsch"e" please pronounce the e. Porsch is not right
  • MrBombastic
    MrBombastic2 years ago (edited)I heard Volkswagen in English means peoples car which is funny because it literally sounds like folks wagon
  • Maurice-Mores
    Maurice-Mores1 year agoI love my Volkswagen
  • MrTrustUK
    MrTrustUK14 hours agoLamborghini was bought back by Italy like immediately after and still today....
  • Luvstruck
    Luvstruck5 months agoI believe Ferdinand Porsche, was as political, as Adolf Hitler was, a car mechanic.
  • Martin
    Martin1 year agoIn South Africa, we can a saying. If you are poort, buy a Toyota or Volkswagen. They go and go and go. Parts are freely available and many garages service them.
  • Mohd Iqbal Salemi
    Mohd Iqbal Salemi2 years agoI think you should be hired by History.
  • Julius Oster
    Julius Oster1 year agoIn 2015 the term „Made in Germany“ lost a lot of its meaning, but if we’re being honest.. A system that detects that it’s currently tested on fuel efficiency.. That’s just f**king brilliant!
  • monkey boy
    monkey boy1 year agoVolkswagen would have been the biggest car company if the Nazis won lol!
  • Nic Stroud
    Nic Stroud1 year agoCan't believe you missed the most well known 'wind named' VW......the Sirocco!
  • Walt 1
    Walt 11 year agoI have always enjoyed the performance of VW and Audi vehicles. GTI and A5 are superb engineered cars.