The Most Honest Celebrity Responses That Make You LOL Published on Jul 3, 2019


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  • Salty 2.0
    Salty 2.01 month ago (edited)Celebrities Getting Offended:
  • Rayray Maakca
    Rayray Maakca1 month ago“German? I don’t know what that means”
  • Theresa R.
    Theresa R.1 month ago"German"
  • HXH Freec
    HXH Freec1 month agoI really want someone to re-ask those question to Justin. I'm genuinely concerned
  • Jenna G.
    Jenna G.1 month agoCher saying "Bitch" to Ellen holds more love in that one word than any of us have for one another these days.
  • Liana Stephens
    Liana Stephens3 weeks agoWhy is no one mentioning Justin Beiber not being able to name all of the continents that was hella sad
  • Thea Collins
    Thea Collins1 month agogerman? we don't say that in america
  • YourFriendIzzy
    YourFriendIzzy4 weeks ago“Kim. There’s people that are dying”
  • Sohamsta
    Sohamsta1 month ago"
  • tshilidzi ntsieni
    tshilidzi ntsieni3 weeks ago"i am not looking for a man, lets start there"
  • Hanane don't know
    Hanane don't know1 month ago (edited)"That's cause you wear dresses like that "
  • unapologetically me
    unapologetically me1 month agoRihannas accent comes out when shes mad lol
  • Hi La
    Hi La3 weeks agoKanye West: “I like some of the Gaga song what the f$&k does she know about camera”
  • Broughton White
    Broughton White3 weeks ago"I want to like, blow my wife away"
  • Marie
    Marie1 month agoHow do we know when Aubrey Plaza is joking or being serious? lmao. She's so weird! LOVE IT 😂
  • dude208099
    dude2080991 day ago (edited)Some of these people are off the charts stupid, and rude as hell. Lol. I don't know how people keep their cool.
  • Sophiesticated
    Sophiesticated1 month agoI actually would love to be friends with Rihanna, she seems like such a cool chick.
  • Nicolette
    Nicolette1 month agoFavorite dish 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It's like "what would be your ideal date?" "I'd have to say April 25, because it's not too hot, not too cold"
  • Nathan Maluenda
    Nathan Maluenda3 weeks ago (edited)This list is basically a compilation of Nicki Minaj, Rhianna and Aubrey Plaza
  • Samantha H
    Samantha H1 month agoI’d be ugly crying too if I lost 75 thousand dollar earring tbfh