Fridge Maatladithe || Mahathalli || Tamada Media Published on May 15, 2019


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Our fridge suddenly has concerns. Watch and tell me what you think in the comments section 😎 Cast : Jahnavi Dasetty, Nikhil Simha, Sai somayajulu, Sushanth Idea credits: Upender Nama Script: Sai Somayajulu DOP : Seshi Kiran Editing : Krishna Karthik Vunnava & Nani Lukka Dubbing Engineer : Nagesh DI : Nani Lukka Publicity Designer : Durga Sai Assisted by: Rohith Executed by: Jahnavi Dasetty, Sai Somayajulu, Rohith Hope to entertain you all..!!! Thank you for Subscribing…. XOXO Live the Moment. Cheers..!!! #TamadaMedia #Wirally #Mahathalli Powered By Tamada Media Follow me on https://www.facebook.com/Mahathalli/ https://twitter.com/mahathalli https://www.instagram.com/mahathalli/


  • Mahathalli
    Mahathalli5 days agoHey Guys, wanted to give you all a small update. We are releasing the deleted scenes every Saturday on Facebook and IGTV (Instagram)
  • Sreemya Gavini
    Sreemya Gavini5 days ago2:10
  • Kaja Shama azam Khaja Shama azam
    Kaja Shama azam Khaja Shama azam5 days agoI have some ideas, do videos on types of smart phone users, and power cut kastalu
  • Yogireddy Sangu
    Yogireddy Sangu5 days agoHii jaanu akka I saw ur every episode those r soo nice like u
    HEMANTH KISHORE1 day agoSai garu me voice superb...
  • neethika reddy
    neethika reddy4 days agoLol 😂😂light off nd mom muchataa 🤣
  • Harshini Reddy
    Harshini Reddy5 days agoSummer makes us to do soo crazy things yaar🤣🤣🤣
  • Veera Veni Gunti
    Veera Veni Gunti5 days agoThat vegetables wala scene tho😂😂😂
  • yuvathi eswar
    yuvathi eswar5 days ago (edited)Very creative fridge concept
    KARTHIK R4 days agoM*dda matladithe? Please do this 🙏😂
  • lavanya91sweety
    lavanya91sweety5 days agoAfter seeing this, i feel taking care of my fridge.. Not sure how many days i do it..😜
  • Vishnu Vardhan
    Vishnu Vardhan5 days agoThat fridge voice is sai
  • Anusha Anu
    Anusha Anu5 days agoKurnool slang for mother's character. Reminds me of my home ♥️
  • maheshwar pashikanti
    maheshwar pashikanti5 days agoThat light scene,water bottles scene, cleaning scene are connected to us
  • Cool Content Box Channel
    Cool Content Box Channel5 days agoWe really connected to this
  • Navya Krishna B
    Navya Krishna B4 days agoAfter watching the last ice cream scene .. I remembered about my water bottle which i kept in freezer.. immediately I rushed to fridze and took my bottle back after struggling for 15 min ... very funny mahatalli
  • Thanu potru Potru thanu
    Thanu potru Potru thanu5 days agoI connected to the light scene akka,please give me heart
  • BN Raj
    BN Raj5 days agoThis video was uploaded before and now its 2nd time to upload...
  • Annam Bhavana
    Annam Bhavana1 day agoWhy can't you try on TV matladthey
  • Baburao Vallabhasetti
    Baburao Vallabhasetti4 days ago😘👌👌 superb akka