15 Biggest Animals Of Their Kind Published on Jun 24, 2019


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Many people are fascinated by things that are abnormally large. Isn't it amazing when you see something really huge and think to yourself...that's incredible! Sometimes some really big things you see, like those giant killer bee's in Africa, can be really freaky when they are encountered. No, this video isn't about blue whales or other giant animals, instead in this video you're going to see some big things... from the biggest butterfly, worms, rats, frogs and even mosquitoes that will make you say 'whoa' - because at first sight you'll think these are small...intrigued? Let's check them out!


  • Prideless Parasite
    Prideless Parasite1 month agoAnd my family treat me as the biggest failure
  • fanouris kostopoulos
    fanouris kostopoulos1 month agoThe largest snake huh...
  • Lat P9
    Lat P91 month agoThe largest bat is batman i guess?!!!
  • Jackson Sharp
    Jackson Sharp1 month agoThat worm will be good for fishing
  • Gschwin Game Jumper
    Gschwin Game Jumper1 month agoAre we gonna brush off the fact he mentioned a dude named Chris Griffin
  • Le Smith
    Le Smith1 month agoThat "mosquito" is a crane fly (almost positive) and they don't bite...they don't even eat. They hatch, mate and die.
  • Crypto Kaotic
    Crypto Kaotic1 month agoThe bullet ant is not the biggest ant. The actual biggest ant is called th Amazonian Giant Ant and can be found in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Daniel Maylett
    Daniel Maylett1 month ago6:30
  • Keondin Perry
    Keondin Perry1 month agoSays animals are endangered.
  • Liam Juggins
    Liam Juggins1 month agoNobody:
  • Not Luisss
    Not Luisss1 month agoMAD LAB : Many people are fascinated when they see big things
  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith1 month agoI’m not sure but the flying fox can’t be that rare because I see millions of them every night in Australia
  • Troy boy
    Troy boy1 month agoAUSSIES:That just a normal Worm
  • Benni Schuran
    Benni Schuran1 month ago (edited)Its actually 18 Biggest animals of their kind but ok
  • ImpossiBro
    ImpossiBro1 month agoim confused. the title said 15
  • Connor RK 800
    Connor RK 8001 month agoThe biggest worm is THE ALASKAN BULL WORM!!!!!!!
  • Parker Wright
    Parker Wright1 month agoWhen you think of a butterfly.... me:thinking of the episode of spongebob where sandy leaves and then a butterfly takes over
  • I’m a piece of Shit
    I’m a piece of Shit1 month agothe whole intro was me saying “that’s what she said”
  • Halfofmyheart
    Halfofmyheart1 month agoCome to NYC subway tunnels to find the world largest rat.. not even joking.. I’ve seen one that looked like a small dog.
  • Spicyo Hot pocket mcjoser gagsorasosalop
    Spicyo Hot pocket mcjoser gagsorasosalop1 month ago (edited)The vid: