If Kabir Singh Was An Intern | Being Indian Published on Jul 11, 2019


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You can love him or hate him but you just can't ignore him. What if Kabir Singh, one of the most talked about characters from Hindi cinema, was an intern in a regular day office? Watch the video to find out. SUBSCRIBE to Being Indian Channel by CLICKING the Link : - http://goo.gl/qhzVAi #IfKabirSinghWasAnIntern #KabirSingh #BeingIndian Credits Presented by Culture Machine Being Indian Channel Director: Kaviraj Singh Directed: Sumit Kumar Writers: Akshat Chopra Sumit Kumar Tatsat Pandey Director of Photography: Ihjaz Aziz Genevive Pitchen Creative Producer: Ganesh Sai Dheeraj Cast: Pradeep Yadav Tatsat Pandey Ihjaz Aziz Avijit Pathak Kaviraj Singh Shishir Rastogi Kumar Shivam Shubham Kharat Ganesh Sai Dheeraj Siddhartha Chauhan Production Head: Laxmi Singh Production Manager: Urvi Nanda Hair and Makeup: Sharon and team Post Production Head: Amar Nirmal Editor: Rohit Ghansham Visual Effects: Navneet Kumar Music Designer: Ankur Srivastav Vocals: Tatsat Pandey Designer: Vishal Bhandari Head of Marketing: Abrar Nakhuda Social Media Team: Nikhita Kini Hamna Hasim Audience Development: Twinkle Sancheti Don't forget to Like & Share for more awesome stuff !!! Check out Being Indian official website: http://www.beingindian.com/ Download the Being Indian App from the link below : http://bit.ly/BeingIndianApp Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beingindianc... Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Beingind Follow us on G+ http://goo.gl/hCwCq9


  • BeingIndian
    BeingIndian1 week agoHave you met a Kabir Singh in real life? Please tell us about him in comments below.
  • approx music
    approx music1 week agoYeh Kis tatti ko role dia re kabir Singh ka...madarchod
  • Hritul Raj Verma
    Hritul Raj Verma5 days agoBackground music
  • TheHardTruth
    TheHardTruth6 days agoThis is what Arjun Kapoor would look like if he played Kabir Singh instead of Shahid Kapoor 😂😂
  • Don't believe easily
    Don't believe easily1 week ago (edited)He looks more like Ravi teja than Kabir Singh😂
  • tushar panigrahi
    tushar panigrahi6 days agoVadapaavaon.....
  • ps hacker
    ps hacker1 week agoThis is called garrebo ka kabir singh 😂😂😂
  • Prashanth M
    Prashanth M6 days agoNot kabhir Singh,, He looks like Mental Singh😂😂😂😂
  • bakchodiyaan budddy
    bakchodiyaan budddy1 week agoSouth films : have arjun reddy
  • amanpreet singh
    amanpreet singh2 days agoOnly like for vdda paw music
  • Nikhil here
    Nikhil here6 days agoSasta kabir singh I'll ever seen😂😂😂😌😌🙌🙌🙌 nd that background tune though😂😂😂😂😂 vadaopaoo..
    RAP XTAR BADAll3 days ago50rup kat overacting ka😂😂
    SMILEY1 week agoKabir Singh :- hey kabir Singh
  • Ba ba
    Ba ba1 week agoBc 3rd class movie type look lg rha hai 😂😂😂
  • Jadhav Dnyanprasad
    Jadhav Dnyanprasad2 days agoPlz, try medical intern too sir.
  • Rishi Raj Jain
    Rishi Raj Jain1 week agoBest part was, VadaPav, Goregaon, and Kauva kau kau... Song!
  • Pujit Chanana
    Pujit Chanana1 week agoIt could more hilarious, if really punched the bio metric!! He is rebel
  • satvik sharma
    satvik sharma4 days agohair and beard can't make everyone kabir singh acting also matters
  • roopkiran reddy
    roopkiran reddy6 days ago (edited)Arjun Reddy Cameo(Vijay would have laughed at it if he watched this) 😂🤣
  • N. raj
    N. raj3 days agoKuch bhi hoo.there were some solid funny moments damn