Self-Driving Cars Won’t Save Cities - Here’s What Will Published on Aug 24, 2018


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  • tod berry
    tod berry10 months agoSo how about… driverless buses?
  • vertik7
    vertik710 months agoSelf driving roads. You step on it and it moves you where you want. It wouldn't require cars or buses.
  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans10 months agoYou should do a video on solving homelessness.
  • ?????
    ?????10 months agoMaybe more people will want to use public transportation when it stops being a glorified pack of sardines of wheels/rails.
  • TheDarkever
    TheDarkever10 months ago (edited)Solution: self-driving buses and mini-van that can hold several people will be cheaper than family cars that can hold five. As such, many people will probably decide to pay less if the difference in service is just more privacy and slightly higher speed. Also self-driving cars will pretty much solve the parking problem, since they can be continually reused to bring people around and stored in some underground compact and efficient garage when the passengers are few, during night for example. However, I fully agree about prioritizing walking and cycling possibilities, especially for short distance travels.
  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman10 months ago2:25
  • VisitorOf22
    VisitorOf226 months ago*does russian accent:
  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept05 months ago (edited)"And speaking of Segway's.." oof
  • rowingdan
    rowingdan10 months ago7:22
  • Happymars
    Happymars10 months agoThere's something wet need much more than Public Transit. We need a large innovation in urban housing so the middle and lower income people can afford to live comfortably close to work.
  • City Beautiful
    City Beautiful10 months agoI would welcome self-driving cars just to have time to watch more Polymatter videos!
  • Mei Grafd Vodder
    Mei Grafd Vodder4 months ago (edited)Everyone talks about car sharing, electric cars, etc. but they only focus on the big cities. What should the still about 50% of the people not living in the cities do? There is no good infrastructure for EVs, car sharing wouldn't work out... Everyone is just forgetting about that.
  • logicalfundy
    logicalfundy10 months agoI have my doubts as to whether you can convince Americans to give up on the idea of car ownership, even with most of them being driverless. This is tied into our basic culture of independence and freedom - a car that's not technically yours doesn't really give you a sense of total freedom. Chances are shared cars will come with a plethora of things you can't do to them because they need to be able to be used by somebody else. You probably won't be able to smoke in them, paint them, add turbochargers to them, etc. And when you call a shared car you might have to deal with the results of somebody who didn't follow the rules anyways - I'm allergic to smoke, but the person who used the car before I did might be a smoker and might have smoked in the car. I'd rather own my own car and just pay for gasoline (or electricity or hydrogen or whatever we use as fuel in the future).
  • Dave Coons
    Dave Coons7 months agoWhen cars can drive themselves, people will want to be either productive or entertained during the commute, not stuck in a tiny seat. Winnebago for everyone, or at least limousines. Traffic will get worse.
  • ImABoat
    ImABoat9 months agoThis is why we need more boats on the road.
  • tsuchan1
    tsuchan110 months agoSome interesting ideas in this video, but I don't really buy the narrative. For example:
  • Cooper Pinter
    Cooper Pinter10 months agoSo basically, the only solution to have something better than cars, is to make it impossible for cars to be viable? In Europe they are already heavily taxed, and yet, people use it instead of buses. I'd say the real reason is that bicycles and other similar vehicles sound great, but just doesn't work all year. Buses and other forms of public transport are just unreliable and if you have to change lines it just takes vastly more time.
  • PatheticTV
    PatheticTV2 months agoCity of London or greater London?
  • Lukeland
    Lukeland1 month agoWill He Ever Stop Refrencing CGP Grey Anytime Soon? No? Ok..
  • RZ410
    RZ41010 months ago (edited)“But some day the steering wheel will fade into history like Jell-O Salad and these weird coasters,The elderly and disabled...”