Warning:Do not watch this. You wont believe it anyway 2 Published on Dec 24, 2014


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Jalopnik.com has inspired me to make another video. So here it is. I hope this clears up a few things to unbelievers.


  • jack Macer
    jack Macer10 months agoI've been driving on fumes for years it's called being broke, lol....
  • warren smith
  • El Vergon
    El Vergon3 months agoSo this is basically a bong for the truck
  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald Reed2 days agoI've been starting stubborn and or worn out diesels using gasoline fumes for decades, take a shop rag soaked, not dripping, with gasoline and put next to air intake and it will start even if its out of fuel. Thanks for the demo.
  • windy pup
    windy pup2 weeks agoI did not watch this so I know I don't believe it cos I didn't see it. Thank you for your warning, most appreciated.
  • Geert Versleyen
    Geert Versleyen1 day agoThat's how the first combustion engines in cars and motorcycles were fed with flamable mixture. Pretty crude.
  • Motorsheep
    Motorsheep5 hours agoWho the hell would doubt this?
  • Keith Family of
    Keith Family of2 hours ago (edited)only the fumes in gasoline are flammable, the liquid is not. your injectors turn the liquid into vapor so it can burn! what you did only makes sense! Good job!
  • Prentice Sawtelle
    Prentice Sawtelle4 months agoThats because people dont know that the fumes burn not the liguid
  • EvenStar LoveAnanda
    EvenStar LoveAnanda10 months agoYeah, some people don't belive you can run Diesels on free veggie oil from restaurants.
    CARIN HELLÁ1 day ago (edited)You do really well on explaining the process and proving that it works but what you failed to mention is it NOT SAFE... Engine heat and gas can plus a rubber hose = DANGEROUS
  • Hammer Home
    Hammer Home1 month agoThe two things that crossed my mind is Detonation and Fuel economy ??
  • Tom Dees
    Tom Dees1 month ago...lots of good interest'n comments...IMHO...god bless duck-tape! It makes all things possible...keep up the good work Mac-Guy❗ 👍
  • Ruben Castillo
    Ruben Castillo2 weeks agoI believe u bought old v8 did it like u n I'm getting mileage like a 4 cylinder thank u
  • Scott Elmore
    Scott Elmore1 month agoMany years ago GM prototyped a hand full vapor cars on everything from gas disel and propane ,yes motors can and will run on fumes The issues was it is very unstable and hard to control in a flash fire.
  • Timothy Gallington
    Timothy Gallington8 months agoThanks for the video. I’m going to try this as soon as I get time.
  • Jon Fitzgerald
    Jon Fitzgerald2 weeks agoYou've basically just reinvented what is known as the "surface discharge carburettor" a very crude tool indeed!
  • LT Wilson
    LT Wilson3 weeks agoits call lean burn, run it long enough you will cherry red the valves and burn a piston, already seen this happen
  • Jeff McCrea
    Jeff McCrea2 months agoI have no doubts that your setup works. You can do the same thing if the tank is empty and you spray carb cleaner down the throttle body from 4 feet away. One problem that can arise is diminished engine longevity. The atomized gas, whether by carb or injector, actually helps to cool the valves and piston crowns between ignition pulses. This is proved when someone is under-carbureating the racing engine in their daily driver or chronically running with clogged fuel injectors and finding the edges of their valves damaged or finding holes burned in their pistons. Your idea would be great if you had a limited fuel supply and needed to stretch it like if you're in the middle of the desert and develop a hole in your fuel tank but catch / smell it before you run out of gas. In my younger days, I had a 1966 Plymouth Fury with a 225 slant 6 engine. As an experiment, I clamped a vise grip on the rubber line to the gas filter, pulled the rubber hose off the PCV valve, took the tip off from a propane torch and clamped it to the PVC hose leading to the intake manifold. I turned on the propane and fired it up. It started and ran great until I tried to drive it. There's no throttle pump for gaseous fuel in that setup. In cars set up for LPG or LNG, the regulator is made to momentarily feed extra gas upon throttle up. I was young and didn't know that then. :) It would have worked fine for a constant speed setup like driving a generator or some other fixed position equipment where it wouldn't be lugged down too much as it didn't have a speed governor on it.
  • Jerry C
    Jerry C3 months agoNice explanation, but atomized gas does vaporize(cavitate), just more so than a larger droplet body of a liquid state of fuel.