யாரும் பார்க்காத அத்திவரதர் அறை | Athi Varadar | Secret Room | Kanchipuram Temple Published on Aug 12, 2019


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யாரும் பார்க்காத அத்திவரதர் அறை | Athi Varadar | Secret Room | Kanchipuram Temple raising of atthi varadar kanchipuram 2019 12 August, காஞ்சிபுரம் கோவில்கள், காஞ்சி வரதன் varadharaja perumal kovil kanchipuram, raising of atthi varadar kanchipuram 2019 15 july, athi varadar,athi varadaraja perumal kanchipuram, athi varadar date,athi varadar photos, athi varadaraja perumal history in tamil, athi varadar temple in kanchipuram, kanchi varadaraja perumal kovil history, varadharaja perumal,kanchi varadhar, temples in kanchipuram,Dinamalar Athi Varadhar temple #kanchipuramTamilnadu #varadharajaperumalkovilkanchipuram #athivaradar #athivaradarajaperumalkanchipuram #athivaradardate #athivaradarphotos #athivaradarajaperumalhistoryintamil #athivaradartempleinkanchipuram #kanchivaradarajaperumalkovilhistory #varadharajaperumal #kanchivaradhar #templesinkanchipuram #DinamalarAthiVaradhartemple #AthiVaradarSecretRoomDinamalar #DinamalarAdhiVaradarCollectorFightAdhiVaradarTemple #PoliceFightAthiVaradar


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    Gtm Gtm1 week agoAnchor better to start YouTube channel and earn more surely 🔥🔥🔥
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    Sumathi S1 week agoNo comments, very excellent speech sir.
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    ViJaY s1 week agoExcellent speech and you will go great heights. Your voice tone, speech is amazing. 👍👍
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    Sheshadri Kr1 week agoPlease Convey our gratitude to the cleaning people. Hats off to them.
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    Vaishnavi Vaishu1 week agoThanks a lot for the cleaning ppl and u man "Anchor" Excellent and clear speech great way to go
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    Prabha Gopal1 week agoSuper da thambi, nalla anchoring panre. Hope you satisfied your soul. All the best
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    Kumaresan Subbiya1 week agoThis anchor tamil speech super🙌😍😍
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    anand s1 week agoநா போகல பார்த்துட்ட பெருமாளை unga channel'a
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    ravi chandran1 week agoMy dear boy, beautiful and clear version of pronunciation of Tamil words. May God bless you with excellent future and prosperity. Thanks for this brief.
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    Pavithra Pandiyan1 week agoAnchor issoo smart and clear speech....
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    prasath siva1 week agoHis narration is always good. His language pronunciation is crystal clear.
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    manisah sah1 week agoYour updates and coverage with explanation especially the underground place where Atthi varadar going to be housed is a rare visit. Long live. Thanks.
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    Tamil Praba1 week agoதகவல் தந்தமைக்கு நன்றிகள் ஐயா
  • Arjun Naidu
    Arjun Naidu1 week agoI want Ativaradar to be always in display. Now there is no reason to keep him the dark room for next 40yrs...
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    Ganesha M1 week agoAmazing bro and so kind of you capturing the Deva manobhavam of service people ❤️❤️😍😍😍
  • Jai Melkote
    Jai Melkote1 week agoI am above 70 yrs old, but this is the first time I have heard of this God! I am from Chennai and am wondering how such publicity was not done in the past!! I feel that the Authorities have publicized for gaining Commercial Value!!!
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    Poornima Muppudathi1 week agoVery nice explanation Thambi....
  • அக்னி ரூபன்
    அக்னி ரூபன்1 week agoமழை பெய்து அனந்த சரஷ் நிறையும்...
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    Gayathri Krishnan.1 week ago (edited)Your step by step ...explanation is so good ..interesting ...and ur ...pause and ur presentation is so good .😊👍good job!!!
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    Savitha Anjje5 days agoSuperb presentation.....loads of applauses to the community workers....👏👏👏👏👏

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