The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔ Published on Nov 15, 2011


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  • Ria Forde
    Ria Forde4 years agonever underestimate the stupidity of the human race...
  • Zerlot
    Zerlot1 month ago10:26
  • TeeTee Brooks
    TeeTee Brooks11 months ago3:56
  • Dat Little Seagull
    Dat Little Seagull6 months ago17:28
  • Count Jakku - Topic
    Count Jakku - Topic11 months ago3:44
  • Matt Rox
    Matt Rox5 years agoKids don't try this at home
  • 123456 78910
    123456 789107 months ago (edited)The Clip from
  • rotflmfao3
    rotflmfao34 months ago6:28
  • Luxor Shark
    Luxor Shark11 months agoWe need another Ultimate Fail Compilation​.
  • HudsonGTV
    HudsonGTV1 year ago5:57
  • TFFC Mikkebak The Awesome
    TFFC Mikkebak The Awesome3 months ago17:38
  • I like Anoxof
    I like Anoxof1 year ago1:38
  • Elias Nicholson
    Elias Nicholson3 hours ago0:20
  • Melvin London
    Melvin London1 year ago (edited)How is
  • 站在反对邪恶醒来帮助
    站在反对邪恶醒来帮助1 year ago8:35
  • Oso Emparado
    Oso Emparado1 year ago2:57
  • The Super Player
    The Super Player1 year ago18:01
  • Love Sandhu
    Love Sandhu6 months ago9:55
  • Stephie Ann
    Stephie Ann5 years ago13:37
  • Mike Edmonton
    Mike Edmonton2 months agoWatcing these videos makes me feel like I am a genius.