Abu Bakr Ash Shatri - Masjid Hamza - Birmingham 2010 Published on Feb 16, 2011


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Quranic recitation from Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash Shatri on his first ever UK tour, this recitation was recorded at Masjid Hamza -- Birmingham 2010. (His tour was organised by Al Imdaad Foundation ( www.alimdaad.com ) Al-Hidaayah Foundation ( www.al-hidaayah.org ) sponsored by Darul Ishaat UK (www.darul-ishaat.co.uk )


  • Shoeb Khan Khan
    Shoeb Khan Khan3 years agomasha allah subhan allah
  • AbdusSamad
    AbdusSamad8 years agosubhanallah
  • Pitchi Pitcho Ahmed 13
    Pitchi Pitcho Ahmed 133 years agoماشاء الله
  • haseeb rahman
    haseeb rahman4 years agoGreat qari jazakallah
  • Yuli Husnil
    Yuli Husnil7 years agowhat is the du'a that the Sheikh recited at the end of his recitation? Is it some du'a from Rasulullah SAW? So touching. I would like to learn it. Please tell me if you know anything about it. Jazakallah khair.
  • saif bin muhanned
    saif bin muhanned8 years agoi like shatri shat