NEW- Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri (SALAAT) BEAUTIFUL (With english translation) Published on Jul 27, 2009


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Asslamu alaikum, This is such a beautiful recitation by the famous Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri, here he recites from Surah Ma'idah and in the second rakaat from Surah Al Qaf.( i am very sorry, the audio is a little off line compared to the video) I cut out clips from Ramadaan 1429. Please give your rating and write your comments


  • Amine Cadi
    Amine Cadi4 years agoالله يبارك
  • Arif Patel
    Arif Patel2 years agoquite possibly the best recitation ever
  • markolo698
    markolo6986 years agoMasha'Allah :)
  • ندى محمد
    ندى محمد6 years agoTo New muslim your welcome
  • Apisit Em
    Apisit Em6 years agoI am accepted islam.
  • Muhammad Yousuf Hafiz
    Muhammad Yousuf Hafiz6 years agoVery enjoyful.
  • haveri001
    haveri0016 years agoWhen he holds some words, gives me goosebumps. Mashallah, Allahuekber
  • TigerFist999
    TigerFist9996 years agoBOOM! ALLAH AKHBAR!!!!
  • Muhammad Sufyan
    Muhammad Sufyan2 years agoThis is possibly the greatest recitation I've heard up till now, bless you my brother for posting this
  • Miraz Choudhury
    Miraz Choudhury6 years agoyou call your self worldislamicorder you are a complete discrase for the muslim community you should just stuff your head down the toilet that would satisfy me you piece of shit you belong in the toilet
  • markolo698
    markolo6987 years ago*Masha Allah :)
  • markolo698
    markolo6987 years agoMashallah :)
  • abdulkadir Mohammed
    abdulkadir Mohammed7 years agothe best sheikh/imam and he is very good how he recites the qur'an mashallah
  • sumeya yussuf
    sumeya yussuf7 years agoi agree may Allah protect him
  • Muhammad Mahameed
    Muhammad Mahameed7 years ago@JuliusxIpk surat almaaedah المائدة
  • mazen noor
    mazen noor7 years agoThanks bro for this video. I always remember at 1427 at traweeh pray, he was reading sorat hod. It was an amazing voice and still amazing. Mashallah tbark alr7man allah y7f6'o w y5leh lena ya rb
  • Kim Sue
    Kim Sue7 years agoSalaam. This is simply breath taking recitation by our beloved Shaikh Shatri. Thanks for sharing.
  • JuliusxIpk
    JuliusxIpk7 years agowhat surah is this? thanks, in advance
  • Flo Zart
    Flo Zart7 years agoi remember his voice man amazin hes not new
  • TheDiyam