Watch: Virat Kohli's response on MS Dhoni's retirement rumours Published on Jul 10, 2019


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Captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, was asked about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's retirement rumours at the post-match press conference in Manchester. Kohli said that Dhoni hadn't discussed anything about his career plans with him. The Indian skipper was speaking to the press after crashing out of the Cricket World Cup. India failed to defeat New Zealand in the first semi-final, with the latter winning by 18 runs. Dhoni's 50 helped stabilise India's innings in the match after the top order failed to fire, but his efforts went in vain.


  • s k
    s k1 week ago😭😭😭 I was so convinced for sometime that you r gonna make us win .. love you MSD ... I know it broke ur heart more than any Indians 😭😭😭
  • Om Lotus
    Om Lotus1 week agoLove You MSD. Please do not retire
  • kalai vanan
    kalai vanan1 week agoWe missed shikar dhawan yesterday and well played JADDU & DHONI
  • Awdhesh Kumar Ravi
    Awdhesh Kumar Ravi1 week agoMS Dhoni is the reason for our smile. He is our Pride.
  • Clever Killer's
    Clever Killer's1 week agoSalute to Indian team, still you are champions in our hearts ✌
  • Talha Qureshi
    Talha Qureshi1 week agoOne of best player and captain cricket has seen. Dohni...still capable to continue playing for his country
  • Prabhu S Prabhu
    Prabhu S Prabhu1 week agoLove u mahi, somebody blame u because de don't know cricket and value of u,
  • Roshan Poudel
    Roshan Poudel1 week agoFirst time,I cried like a child when DHONI was run out....Damn,it hurt me alot when Dhoni was travelling to pavilion with the nervous face....Everything happens unexpectedly..for me DHONI is great and he will be.....great knock
  • The Kahuna
    The Kahuna1 week agoMerely a trophy of world cup can't decide the worth of Indian team. Our team is priceless and most powerful team at the moment. Period.
  • legend of Chinese
    legend of Chinese1 week agoI have alot of respect for dhoni he played bravely but it was very sad when he cried it melted our hearts
  • Ekta Purohit
    Ekta Purohit1 week agoIndia can bear anything but not the retirement of the veteran cricketer 😢 @MS Dhoni... please don’t give such news...
  • rudra prathap
    rudra prathap1 week agoIt's MSD who changed the Indian cricket situation from dilemma of winning to sure shot win even in big tournaments including world cup! If Dhoni wasn't part of indian cricket we still used to fear to face big teams AUS, England etc even now!
  • Hari vishnu S.K.
    Hari vishnu S.K.1 week agoDhoni will play 2023 world cup again
  • Rohan Telang
    Rohan Telang1 week ago (edited)Indian media is ruining cricket... They should be ashamed by forcing a player to retire... Dhoni hasn't declare any retirement...There should be "Boycott Media" campaign.....Love you Dhoni ❤.. You have given much to Indian cricket... Please respect Virat Kohli.... We should be fan of Indian Cricketers not winning Indian cricketers
  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar1 week agoI m not upset India lost world cup I m upset it was sir dhoni's last world cup😭😭😭
    JEGAN DEVI1 week agoThank you Kholi We love cricket and We love india. I like Ms Dhoni continue play .....
  • Abhishek Singh Rana
    Abhishek Singh Rana1 week agoDhoni you are legend. Eventhough I left my dinner yesterday.
  • Naveen s
    Naveen s1 week agoEyes speak truth he is downed don't worry u are always best no matter u lost u really fighted till end
  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh1 week agoMs dhoni is made to play cricket he will never loose an opportunity
  • Anusha
    Anusha1 week agoI pray Dhoni should play in 2023 WC god..🙏🙏

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