Tum Hi Ho. Only you. Akbar & Jodhaa. Feniks_Zadira Published on Jun 25, 2018


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Detail and Source - http://fenikszadira.ru/blog/tum-hi-ho... Потому что есть лишь ты. И мой покой, и боль моя. Моя любовь - лишь ты... Music - Tum Hi Ho (Acoustic Cover) -- Aakash Gandhi (ft. Sanam Puri, Jonita Gandhi, & Samar Puri) http://fenikszadira.ru/video-get-gen/


  • hiền phạm
    hiền phạm6 months agoThe most beautiful man and woman in the world
  • Nikhitha Yeturu
    Nikhitha Yeturu7 months agoThey speak with their eyes. It's very nice to see that
  • Амина Исмаилова
    Амина Исмаилова5 months agoК сожалению , великая любовь вещь эксклюзивная и очень редкая. Всевышний подарил нашей душе тело но, но любовь всей жизни он подарил только избранным.
  • The celebrity world
    The celebrity world5 months agoMost beautiful woman with most handsome man in the world
  • Aisha umar
    Aisha umar4 months agoAny one in 2019
  • reem fawaz
    reem fawaz7 months agoاذا بي احد عربي يحط لايك
  • Maribel Garcia
    Maribel Garcia3 months agoThis man is so handsome and has such beautiful eyes!!!
  • Theannahid
    Theannahid3 months agoThis bit almost killed me. His look and the way tried to touch his new bride's hand and to see her reaction and pulling her hand away from touching was I have never seen in any other movies. And, the music played with this scene is also a killer one. WOW WO WOW.
  • F. R.
    F. R.4 months agoI love this song. And the clip perfect. Thanks❤❤
  • manoj jat
    manoj jat8 months agobest jodi jodha akber🙏🙏🚩🚩💪💪
  • lilia messaoudi
    lilia messaoudi3 months agoi had always imgine Aish with Hritish ,their children would have been beautiful
  • Megha Issack
    Megha Issack7 months agoWish these two had married 😍
  • Niha Honey
    Niha Honey4 months ago (edited)True love 💓 never ends 🖤 jai Sriram 🙏 any one in 2019🙋
  • Nieza Anna
    Nieza Anna7 months agoOhhhh...
  • chocolate girl
    chocolate girl5 months agoThis song goes straight to my soul 😭😭 I love bollywood
  • Saddam Balband
    Saddam Balband8 months agol Love song
  • Maria Regina
    Maria Regina1 week agoTheir beauty is flawless ❤️🖤🔥
  • Nia Indriyani
    Nia Indriyani2 months agoOnly you januuuuuuuu
  • Kayla Sharpe
    Kayla Sharpe4 weeks agoThe prettiest girl I ever seen...that man is very good looking he as a great body
  • Светлана Андреева
    Светлана Андреева10 months agoПрелесть!💗💗💗