Duo •Kateryna Kalyta&Dmitry Bogodist• myinfokiev@gmail.com Published on Jan 16, 2015


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  • Sarah Crisp
    Sarah Crisp2 years agotalk about trust exercises...
  • Jess Elizabeth
    Jess Elizabeth3 years agoI can't even do a forward roll..
  • Lena C
    Lena C2 years agoi love the pose at
  • lazy ashell
    lazy ashell3 years agoi feel like they got their inspiration from twilight
  • Bonnie T
    Bonnie T2 years agoSolid muscle and elegance
  • Dmitry Bogodist
    Dmitry Bogodist3 years agoBlue Foundation - Eyes on Fire
  • Cataleya S
    Cataleya S3 months agoThey need to be on world of dance next season they will win the whole thing hands down 😮🤚
  • Cat Beauregard
    Cat Beauregard2 years agoSuch a beautifully choreographed dance! Congrats to you both on your hard work....!!! AMAXING SIMPLY AMAZING!
  • moronero
    moronero2 years agodmitry is so freaking sexy!!!!!
  • Kaitlyn Michelle
    Kaitlyn Michelle2 years agoThey should have showed this instead of twilight. WAAAAAYYY better!!
  • Nanci Garcia Rosa Neyra
    Nanci Garcia Rosa Neyra5 months agoQuanto mais tempo passa melhor eles ficam . Parabéns
  • Shubrakshi Seth
    Shubrakshi Seth2 years agoI really liked everything about this video. from every flip to lift. generally in such videos u don't see much dance but in this one there expression to all seductive moves were mind-blowing and artistic. everything picture-perfect. just loved everything about it. one of a kind.
  • Let It Be
    Let It Be3 years agoEyes On Fire
  • Loulabelle 84
    Loulabelle 843 years agoGreat act. Want to see more.😀
  • Erin Britton
    Erin Britton2 years agoPlease please please make some more videos!
  • bendyprissy
    bendyprissy2 years agoBeautiful & impressive!
  • Gerard the Bunny
    Gerard the Bunny1 year agoYou can tell he has a great body but that shirt is just not flattering
  • jasmine rosa
    jasmine rosa3 years agowow!!! I can't do this ik it took a lot of practice
  • Райка Мусаева
    Райка Мусаева1 year agoКак красиво, обалденный танец,красивая пара, музыка класс:-)
  • Вера Мацкевич
    Вера Мацкевич4 days agoКак не может нравиться это выступление? Такая сила... такая красота! Восхищаюсь мастерством и талантом... восхищаюсь и приклоняюсь... Спасибо!