Bacha Khan Baba Historical Speech Published on Feb 2, 2010


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Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890 - 20 January 1988) (Pashto/Urdu: خان عبد الغفار خان, Hindi: ख़ान अब्दुल ग़फ़्फ़ार ख़ान) was a Pashtun political and spiritual leader known for his non-violent opposition to British Rule in India. A lifelong pacifist, a devout Muslim,[1]and a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, he was also known as Badshah Khan (also Bacha Khan, Pashto: lit., "King Khan"), and Sarhaddi Gandhi (Urdu, Hindi lit., "Frontier Gandhi"). Having witnessed the repeated failure of revolts against the British Raj, he decided social activism and reform would be more beneficial for Pashtuns. This ultimately led to the formation of the Khudai Khidmatgar movement (Servants of God). The movement's success triggered a harsh crackdown against him and his supporters and he was sent into exile. It was at this stage in the late 1920's that he formed an alliance with Gandhi and the Indian National Congress. This alliance was to last till the 1947 partition of India. After partition, Ghaffar Khan was frequently arrested by the Pakistani government in part because of his association with India and his opposition to authoritarian moves by the government. He spent much of the 1960's and 1970's either in jail or in exile. In 1985 he was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. In 1987 he became the first person not holding the citizenship of India to be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award. In 1988 on his passing, he was buried in Jalalabad, despite the heavy fighting at the time, both sides in the Afghan war declared a ceasefire to allow his burial.


  • Gurpal Dhillon
    Gurpal Dhillon9 years agoBaba is highly regarded & respected in India. Plz put subtitles in english so his admirers all over the world can understand what he is saying... Thx
  • E.Nisar Khan
    E.Nisar Khan6 years agoThis is history and Mark of a great leader .
  • Asmat Agha
    Asmat Agha9 years ago"I am going to give you such a weapon that the police and the army will not be able to stand against it. It is the weapon of the Prophet, but you are not aware of it. That weapon is patience and righteousness. No power on earth can stand against it."[4]
  • alijk81
    alijk819 years agoPashtun is the enemy of Pashtun
  • Qaisar Jan
    Qaisar Jan7 years agoone of the greatest leaders of sub-continent let down by his descendants and followers......
  • RohanParmarIndia
    RohanParmarIndia7 years agoThe Great Human of our World...We salute You...Learn a lot from you..."Majahab Nahi Sikhata, Aapkas mein bair rakhna..."
  • Amjad Shah
    Amjad Shah7 years agoAllah de zamong qawm la daga rang pa zargonoo leaderan warkai laka 4e BACHA KHAN wo Ameen.
  • Asmat Agha
    Asmat Agha9 years agoPashtoon Nation proud on Bacha khan
  • Fahad Laghari
    Fahad Laghari8 years ago@jakkhan1 He got Nobel Peace Prize, goras recognized him, Pakistan didn't.
  • asif ali
    asif ali7 years agohay every buddy brothers and sisters read the book "zama jowand awo jadojehed" or bacha khan ke abbetee...then u know about poshtoons godfather khan baba
  • Surkhab Chann
    Surkhab Chann7 years agowe pay you salute for your non violation policy . usman Baloch from Makran Balochistan
  • Al kitab
    Al kitab8 years agono one can replace him
  • Rajat Gupta
    Rajat Gupta8 years agoIt is sad that a great man like him did not get Nobel Peace Prize. He is very inspiring.
  • Ayyan KHAN
    Ayyan KHAN9 years agoBABA Love u I missing U *****
  • afsar bakht
    afsar bakht7 years agozinda abad baba speech
  • Mehboob Alam
    Mehboob Alam8 years agosalaam to great BABA
  • imrankhan yousafzai
    imrankhan yousafzai7 years agothe great legend fakhre Afghan khan Abdul ghafar khan baba... we love u... so mach.
  • Kunar Konar
    Kunar Konar9 years agoreally meaninful speech !! ANP should teach from this speech, atleast if they want !!! United We Stand !!! May Allah Bless my Holy Pashtuns !!!
  • Siraj Hamzakhan
    Siraj Hamzakhan8 years agoAll pushtoon must unite in this critical situation . We should not divide pukhtoon into afghani pukhtoon or pakistani pukhtoon. All pukhtoon are afghani whether living in peshawar or kabul. zindabad pukhtoon.
  • jakkhan1
    jakkhan18 years agoA great leader, but no one recognized him, cause he was pashtoon? if that was a goora tahn they probably have given him the noble prize. but baba you will be remember not todady but everyday in my heart and all the pushtoons they know you. I request to all of my pukhtoon brothers to unite and stand up for there rights. may allah blesse you and all of us Ameen.