Mera Laadla | Every kid is special - A heart touching Story | Lalit Shokeen Films Published on Jul 12, 2019


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Parents should not pressurise their kids to become someone they don't want to be.. let them choose their career! Watch this heart touching story till end and share with your family and friends! #lalitshokeen #lshokeenfilms Contact for advertising and business enquiries: Email: lshokeenfilms@gmail.com lalit.shokeen@gmail.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lalitshokee... FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lshokeenfilms YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/LShokeenFilms86 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lalitshokeen SNAPCHAT: lalit.shokeen


  • LShokeen Films
    LShokeen Films1 week agoSirf doctor ya engineer ban na hi jindagi nhi.. har bache mein koi na koi talent hota hai.. parents should support their kids whatever career they choose! Share the video with your family and friends.. spread the message! follow me on Instagram for deleted scenes of this video @lalitshokeen1515
  • Malik Malik
    Malik Malik1 week ago (edited)Bhai Lalit Shokeen Aapne Haryana ka Naam Puri Duniyaa Mein Dhuma Tha Diya. Lalit Shokeen Fan Hit Like
  • Sunil Devi
    Sunil Devi1 week agoWho is best
  • Naditma
    Naditma1 week agoYou are the best.😇 This is video is really very nice. You did an amazing job. More power to you.👑☺
  • Raman Jangid
    Raman Jangid1 week agoGood Job Man!!!! Our society and our parents should see this, hope that it can make a difference in their minds.
  • naman chopra
    naman chopra1 week agoYaar muje laga tha ki gadi se koi nikalega or tinku ko job dega😂😂
  • Ananya Pandey
    Ananya Pandey1 week agoWho's better is desi roles??
    ARPIT AGGARWAL1 week agoWaah... Too Good. Hope every parent shouldn't pressurize their kids after watching this..
  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh6 days agoi came to knw my parents are too supportive 😍😍😁🍿
  • Rachna Sheokand
    Rachna Sheokand1 week agoThnqq soo much sir for making video on such a very inspirational topic ☺
  • Rishabh Raj Singh
    Rishabh Raj Singh1 week agoA very good msg from lalit that every guy has its own talent ...
  • Deepak Rathi
    Deepak Rathi1 week agoYO lalit isi video ka intzar tha, Kash isko duniya bhar ke parents dekhe,
    AKANKSHA SINGH1 week agojust like me...i dont want do bsc with pcm...but now i am doing msc with physics... just coz they want..! i want to be a fashion designer...but...:') life,.. this video made me cry sir..♥️
    DRRAGO STUDY1 week ago (edited)It's really a good Motivational video..
  • Sanish Panchal
    Sanish Panchal1 week agoBro it's your very best and messaging video I totally like it.
  • Sandeep Birda
    Sandeep Birda1 week agoThat's Best video Sir... Keep up.. make more video realeted Study Topic....
  • tinku mina
    tinku mina1 week agoRIP EDUCATION SYSTEM OF INDIA🙏
  • nisha rathore
    nisha rathore1 week agoBahut hi Badhiya video... Mirror of our society.. Keep it Up 👌
    SUMIT GAUR1 week agoShokeen sahab, aaj toh karaaaraa tamacha maar diya, awesome !
  • Dinesh Bhardwaj
    Dinesh Bhardwaj1 week agoStarting QUOTE is hoax that it's given by Albert Einstein 😂😂😂...there is no proof its been said by him