Khatharnak Attha Jabardasth Kodalu Part II || Dhethadi || Tamada Media Published on May 15, 2019


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Khatharnak Attha Jabardasth Kodalu is a Telugu Short Film by Tamada Media. Dhethadi is a channel about a chilled out girl and her take on life. Her videos show the typical behavior of people around us. Namastey people....wassup? So here is our take on how daughter-in-law and mother-in-law behaves in their general life,hope you guys are connected to this do let us know in the comment section 😊 Dialouges : Soma Anthony Cast : Alekhya harika, Jones, Durga sai, Supraja Yadav, Sandra Dop : Aditya sesi kiriti Editor : Krishna karthik vunnava , Jayanth Line Producer: Niharith Publicity Designer : Durga sai #TamadaMedia #Wirally #Dhethadi Powered By Tamada Media ☛ Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : https://goo.gl/eNZNdx ☛ Like us: https://www.facebook.com/Dhethadi


    GANESH KOUSHIK2 months agoWho Want Part 3 Like This Comment
  • Gaya3 Santoshi
    Gaya3 Santoshi2 months agoI was waiting for this video from many days .
  • Sharkheena Md
    Sharkheena Md2 months ago (edited)Waiting for this video from soooo many days
  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash2 months agoHit like for harika
  • Manikumar M
    Manikumar M2 months agoAttha u just nailed it 😂😂😂, usually I will not comment, but I felt telling about this
  • Sunitha Deva
    Sunitha Deva2 months agoAkka ni vedio lo jhanvi ni okkasari tevva
  • Konjerla Praharsha
    Konjerla Praharsha2 months agoAkka ee episode kosam chaala wait chesa...finally...😍😍
  • jaswanth reddy
    jaswanth reddy2 months agoAkka
  • Venkatesh Gundala
    Venkatesh Gundala2 months agoFirst love(school) video chysru kadaaa👍👍daniki continue video coming soon anru😭😭😭inkha raledu video😭😭please chypandi apudu vastdooo😭😭
  • R.K Ram
    R.K Ram2 months ago5:49
  • Chandrika mekala
    Chandrika mekala1 month agoSoo funny 😂waiting for part 3
  • cats world
    cats world2 months agoYour videos are also katarnak akka
  • Hepsiba Hepsi
    Hepsiba Hepsi2 months agoHarika no need to say about u , u always gives best and ur the best. And the character of attha is really good the expression towards kodalu superb, Attha looks like actress anupamma parmeswaren
  • Saikalyani Sai
    Saikalyani Sai2 months agoWho loves harika and Jones like here
  • Johnny Jaheer
    Johnny Jaheer2 months ago (edited)#harika
  • M Ganesh
    M Ganesh2 months agoSuper Akka. One small request from me is to do a vedio with jahnavi Akka in dhethadi.
  • kodamunja mohan
    kodamunja mohan2 months agoDo the video on villages schools Vs city schools. If you want to see this video like for my comment
    AKULURU SATWIKA2 months agoRecently started watching your episode love your acting and dialogue delivery
  • Srilatha Naralasetty
    Srilatha Naralasetty2 months agoWaited eagerly for this video
  • Naga Ganesh Kousika
    Naga Ganesh Kousika2 months ago12 hours lo 3k subscribers perigaru Akka ninna chusa