Khatharnak Attha Jabardasth Kodalu Part II || Dhethadi || Tamada Media Published on May 15, 2019


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Khatharnak Attha Jabardasth Kodalu is a Telugu Short Film by Tamada Media. Dhethadi is a channel about a chilled out girl and her take on life. Her videos show the typical behavior of people around us. Namastey people....wassup? So here is our take on how daughter-in-law and mother-in-law behaves in their general life,hope you guys are connected to this do let us know in the comment section 😊 Dialouges : Soma Anthony Cast : Alekhya harika, Jones, Durga sai, Supraja Yadav, Sandra Dop : Aditya sesi kiriti Editor : Krishna karthik vunnava , Jayanth Line Producer: Niharith Publicity Designer : Durga sai #TamadaMedia #Wirally #Dhethadi Powered By Tamada Media β˜› Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : https://goo.gl/eNZNdx β˜› Like us: https://www.facebook.com/Dhethadi


  • Sharkheena Md
    Sharkheena Md5 days ago (edited)Waiting for this video from soooo many days
    GANESH KOUSHIK5 days agoWho Want Part 3 Like This Comment
  • Vallapu Naveenkumar
    Vallapu Naveenkumar5 days agoKkkk niharika nice but inka ilagai challa episodes unai incomplete so try to finish first
  • Manikumar M
    Manikumar M5 days agoAttha u just nailed it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, usually I will not comment, but I felt telling about this
  • Gaya3 Santoshi
    Gaya3 Santoshi5 days agoI was waiting for this video from many days .
  • Surya Prakash
    Surya Prakash5 days agoHit like for harika
  • Konjerla Praharsha
    Konjerla Praharsha5 days agoAkka ee episode kosam chaala wait chesa...finally...😍😍
  • kodamunja mohan
    kodamunja mohan1 day agoDo the video on villages schools Vs city schools. If you want to see this video like for my comment
  • jaswanth reddy
    jaswanth reddy5 days agoAkka
  • soujanyarao achanta
    soujanyarao achanta5 days agoI was waiting....Hit a like u also were waiting..And finally u uploaded
  • Sunitha Deva
    Sunitha Deva5 days agoAkka ni vedio lo jhanvi ni okkasari tevva
  • matha srinivas
    matha srinivas5 days agoSuper superb superb series will continue or not we want more series
  • kumarbabu kumar
    kumarbabu kumar5 days agoFinally she is back with her part 2
  • Asad Syed
    Asad Syed5 days agoThank u for this amazing video😍😍😍😚
  • Ck King
    Ck King5 days agoKirrak Akka nuvvu keep rocking we support you
  • Hepsiba Hepsi
    Hepsiba Hepsi2 days agoHarika no need to say about u , u always gives best and ur the best. And the character of attha is really good the expression towards kodalu superb, Attha looks like actress anupamma parmeswaren
  • Sony Rstu
    Sony Rstu2 days agoPls make part-3 also πŸ‘
  • theju bujji
    theju bujji23 hours agoSupraja yadav... I think u r good shepherd school from Nandyal right?
  • ganesh dvi
    ganesh dvi3 days agoAatha
  • R.K Ram
    R.K Ram5 days ago5:49