Isha Prayer led by Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri Published on Mar 8, 2014


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Isha Prayer led by Shaykh Abu Bakr Al Shatri Visting Chicagoland area Abu Bakr Al-Shatri is Imam of Al Furkane Mosque in Hay Annassim, Jeddah.


  • Mahir Zaman
    Mahir Zaman5 years agomasha allah may Allah let Abu Bakr Shatri into the highest of heavens
  • zeeshan iqbal
    zeeshan iqbal4 years agoSuch a amazing voice May Allah bless him and his family .
  • melissa Jericka Bingham
    melissa Jericka Bingham2 years agoasalaam aliakum Rahman tu Allah!just want to say when i watch these types of videos and while im doing worship/prayer, it makes me feel like im with my Family while praying, and i dont feel so alone in this World. thank you for making these. i watch a new one everyday. its nice to feel that no matter where we are in the World we can always feel close to our Family by doing simple thibgs like this... may you all be blessed for ur efforts n for helpibg me also.. it literally means the World to me. u have no idea! my you and all our Family be awarded Paradise/ enter the kingdom of Heaven.. (mashAllah) ..loves u all n spread loves, ur doing awesome! salaam-peaceسلام.... عسل
  • Islamic NERD Islamic Videos
    Islamic NERD Islamic Videos4 years agoLets all say SUBHANALLAH!!!
  • faris sha Sha
    faris sha Sha4 years agoexcelent reciter allah is the greatest
  • TheFiroz365
    TheFiroz3653 years agofirst time I listen this sheikh ma shaa ALLAH beautiful recitation with sweet voice...!
  • Husnain ur-Rahman Ahmed
    Husnain ur-Rahman Ahmed5 years agoاللهم احفظ شيخنا الحافظ المقرئ/ شيخ ابن ابي بكر ابن محمد الشاطري
  • If God Allows
    If God Allows4 years agoSalaam
  • Bilal shatri
    Bilal shatri4 years agoBeautiful recitation masha Allah I like his voice.lol.
  • kurddbz
    kurddbz4 years agoSubhanallah
  • el Qandil omar
    el Qandil omar4 years agobaraka lahou fika wahafidaka min koli souaa
  • Abdul Jalil Mahama
    Abdul Jalil Mahama3 years agoAlhamdulillah
  • Amb ttsb07
    Amb ttsb072 years agomasya alloh
  • Osama Ahmed
    Osama Ahmed4 years agowho disliked it ?
  • Shihab 25
    Shihab 253 years agotadi jadi imam di Mesjid Besar Lembang , suaranya Indah
  • Ayfer Kaplan
    Ayfer Kaplan5 years agomükemmel
  • Farhan Ramadahni
    Farhan Ramadahni3 years agoSubhanallah
  • Xanaan AK
    Xanaan AK5 years agoMashaaAllah his voice is soo soothing 
  • محمد السوالمة
    محمد السوالمة2 years agooh my goodness
  • ibra ibou
    ibra ibou4 years agoya allah nous vous aimons