Besan Dhokla recipe in Gujarati style (hindi) Published on Feb 8, 2017


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Try this new app (NC Browser) https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... Ingredients Besan - 3 tea cups Water - 2 tea cups Haldi - 1/4 tsp Lemon juice - 1 Baking Powder - 1/2 tsp Baking soda - 1/2 tsp Salt - 1 tsp Tempering : Oil - 2 tbsp Rai - 1 tsp Curry leaves - 8 to 10 Green chilli silt - 2 to 3 Sugar - 2 tbsp Lemon juice - 1 Sugar syrup - 2 tea cups of water.


  • ani gour
    ani gour3 weeks agoHi! Umm I wanted to be a chef in future (I'm 13 years old now) and I made it myself I didn't need anybody's help to cook anything and it was too good
  • Kitchen Queen Zeenat Khan
    Kitchen Queen Zeenat Khan7 hours agohttps://youtu.be/Ch-tu-yeRmA
  • Sunita Yadav
    Sunita Yadav3 days agoThanks you mem ye recipe batane ke liye me iss jerur tey kerugi ans jerrur dena ok by mem
  • all in one india
    all in one india1 year agoOn
  • Richa sao
    Richa sao3 months agoMaine recipe try kiya.dhokla bahut achha bana....thanks for this recipe...
  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar11 months agoI tried dhokla, everything was perfect except the raw and intense flavour of besan, how to avoid it?
  • Sanjoy Sarkar
    Sanjoy Sarkar2 days ago (edited)Apke simplicity ne hi apko itna like dilaya,, well-done.,👍
  • Chrissie Dsouza
    Chrissie Dsouza4 days agoI'm sorry but I was just curious about what would happen if I don't keep let it rest for an hour? I want to try it for a cooking competition but i would run out of time.
  • Mir Bakhtiyar
    Mir Bakhtiyar8 months agoThanks aap ka
  • Rupa Joshi
    Rupa Joshi2 years agovry NYC.without curd u do best
  • King Khan
    King Khan1 day agodi baking soda or baking powder ki jaga fruit Eno use krsakte kya
  • BJ Mohanty
    BJ Mohanty3 months agoWhy with idle cover another thing we can,t use
  • Divya Tanwar
    Divya Tanwar2 years agoye beking pavdar
  • Neelu Prajapati
    Neelu Prajapati1 month agoMera dhokla to bigad gya, ab m ky kru
  • Phool Kumar
    Phool Kumar1 year agoOho chaaa Gaye ap dear
  • Vinodbhai Makwana
    Vinodbhai Makwana2 years agoHas dhokla khava Malya Tamara lidhe thanks
  • Ordiko K
    Ordiko K2 years agoThank.uuuu 3
  • S R
    S R7 months ago (edited)I prepared as per your video and dhoklas came out so well . Thank you
  • Nirupama Shrivastava
    Nirupama Shrivastava4 months agobilkul achha nhi tha
  • Chhota Kushwah
    Chhota Kushwah2 years agoChhota kushwah

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