Introducing Guruji | Pankaj Tripathi | Sacred Games 2 Published on Aug 13, 2019


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Guruji teaches his disciples an important lesson on the difference between God and Man.


  • Kirtish Sharma
    Kirtish Sharma1 week agoKoi parulkar ki gand maro re...
  • Kirtish Sharma
    Kirtish Sharma1 week agoPankaj Tripathi is gonna take this series to the next level😍😍😍
  • Mukesh Jha
    Mukesh Jha1 week agoBahubali se bhi bhayanakar Hype Bana rele ho bidu 😜
  • Wrestling Reality
    Wrestling Reality1 week agoAmazing Man
  • ayush mohata
    ayush mohata1 week agoWhy is nobody talkin' about trivedi
  • Aditya Sant
    Aditya Sant1 week agoMe: I think guruji will be mastermind behind attack
  • Mihir Bharmal
    Mihir Bharmal1 week ago0:28
  • Mohamed Hillow
    Mohamed Hillow1 week agoThere was the joker,Frank Underwood Hannibal Lecter and here’s Guru ji 🙏
  • BlueTube1997 Forever
    BlueTube1997 Forever1 week ago (edited)aham brahmasmi means ''i am the divine'' and shivoham means ''i am that shiva'' shiva means purest / aatma / soul. even ravan the ruler of lanka (from ramayan text) , was an advaitic person. this guruji is the modern ravan.
  • Abcd Zyxw
    Abcd Zyxw1 week ago (edited)0:27
  • Amin Guides
    Amin Guides1 week ago (edited)Nawazuddin & Pankaj Tripathi
  • Vedant Bharvirkar
    Vedant Bharvirkar1 week ago (edited)ON 15TH AUGUST-:
  • Abhishek Rai
    Abhishek Rai1 week agoIn season 3 there should be introduced another legend too.. Named Manoj Bajpai..
  • Mr. Diwakar
    Mr. Diwakar1 week agoNew thanos are arriving... For control the population of world 😂😂
  • Abhinandan Mittal
    Abhinandan Mittal1 week ago (edited)damn!! Sacred games is actually the reason, I'm not using this long weekend for any trip. In love with this series 😍
    DHRUV MALIK1 week ago (edited)What an amazing actor..
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha1 week agoyeh Sala Kaleen bhaiya zada bol raha hai
  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar1 week agoThat change of expression in the eyes of guruji says everything
  • Aashish Arora
    Aashish Arora1 week ago (edited)Why this video does not start with
  • Akash Deb
    Akash Deb1 week agoNetflix is HIGH A G A I N ......