Shaykh Abu Bakr Shatri - Leading Salah and Dua Published on Dec 23, 2008


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Assalamu Alaykum Shaykh Shatri leading Salah and Dua. Very nice. Br Zahid


  • Ummah Al Wasata
    Ummah Al Wasata10 years agoummm...why is in a stage??? beautiful reciatation
  • Wavy Baby
    Wavy Baby9 years agoo the sheik did not say "bismillah rahman ar--raheem", and you have to, read surat al Fatiha from the first verse numer starting from one, and then to the last, but just look at the first verse number, and u will see why u have to say bismillah rahman ar-raheem, cuz every verse counts means it is part of the surah, so read it!