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  • Just A Huffleclaw
    Just A Huffleclaw1 month agoThe baby that started crying when they got taken off the horse? Literally me.
  • Reckless Wolf
    Reckless Wolf1 month agoI love how some horses can be just as over dramatic and show offs as humans can 😂
  • iamdove X
    iamdove X1 month ago0:22
  • Horses for life
    Horses for life2 months ago3:25
  • Galaxy Maddie
    Galaxy Maddie2 days agoThe horse going to his owners aid is so wholesome, my heart-
  • Braelyn
    Braelyn2 months ago0:50
  • Mįżåkį UwU
    Mįżåkį UwU1 month ago (edited)4:05
  • Eveline & Mintie
    Eveline & Mintie2 months ago (edited)2:45
  • EpicDreem Lp
    EpicDreem Lp2 months ago9:48
  • Lex The Equine
    Lex The Equine1 month ago6:53
  • Shadow_Bun188
    Shadow_Bun1881 month ago (edited)0:56
  • Elisa_ Indira
    Elisa_ Indira2 months ago7:20
  • Noelle and Sydney Bff
    Noelle and Sydney Bff2 months ago6:57
  • Senni Oksanen
    Senni Oksanen2 months agoI love a horse💙💚💛🧡💜❤🖤
  • Time master
    Time master1 month ago (edited)That black beauty at
  • Hannah Ambler
    Hannah Ambler1 month ago (edited)The child being taken off the horse and crying 😂 that’s exactly what my 10 month old son does when I take him off MY horse 😂 he’s not bothered when I take him off his pony or a friends lol always mine 😂
  • Tomara Shigaraki
    Tomara Shigaraki1 month ago (edited)sso players have entered the chat
  • Stefan Kerber
    Stefan Kerber2 months agoYou think miniatures are the best for toddlers to learn on, but ponies are just satan spawned themselves.
  • SSO Linn
    SSO Linn2 months ago1:26
  • black beauty girl
    black beauty girl2 months agoThe picture is hard to tell but I swear she looks exactly like that horse 🐎