Losliya ஒரு புழுகுமூட்டை - Madhumitha Angry | Bigg Boss 3 Tamil | LittleTalks Published on Sep 9, 2019


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  • tamil Thug life
    tamil Thug life1 week ago (edited)தமிழன்னு சொன்னா அவ்ளோ எரிஞ்சா😠🤬🤬😡 அப்புறம் எந்த பு"""க்கு இந்த கேவலமான programme"யை ஏன்டா தமிழ்நாட்ல போடுறீங்க
  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh2 days agoShe is over acting.. As if she is correct
  • Siva Official
    Siva Official6 days agoEven if she speaks correct, I don't like the way she speaks and her body language 😬😬
  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh2 days agoAfter hearing her speech... It's better she went out..
  • Shree Nathan
    Shree Nathan1 week agoOrre interview.... Total BB damaged 🤣😂🤣😂
  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh2 days agoCompletely it's madhu's fraud... She only started 1st
  • Raman Ar
    Raman Ar1 day agoYou don't feel ashamed you're also girl right how can you talk about abirami shut up okey
  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh2 days agoAbrirami is grow up she can talk... You don't have to talk on behalf of her
    REKA NATARAJAN3 days agoI admit Madhu is hurt. But 50% avanga attitude and avanga pidivadham karanama irundhurukkum. She might have tempted others to speak against her at last she felt that she helpless and she committed such thing.
  • A K
    A K1 week agoYou shouldn't listen to vanitha and the frootie caller. Before that you're on the right track and having good relationship with the boys.
  • Maha lakshmi
    Maha lakshmi5 days agoMadhu... Please change your bloody attitude... It's highly irritating.... Hate the way how you react and talk
  • honeyhive hirdhu
    honeyhive hirdhu5 days agoNe oru...inteligent fraud....tats all...however you are a gud person...you behaved very cheap...many times...makkala eamathalMnu ninaikatha...
  • Tamizh Arasan
    Tamizh Arasan1 week agoMadhu neenga Hand cut panikitathu ku bathil kovathula yar na adichi irunthingana avanga kandipa atha telecast pani irupanga..
  • Thenmozhi PTH
    Thenmozhi PTH1 day agoTamil ponnunu soldringa bigg boss vittukulla irukkumpodhu unga kazhuthula thali illaye. Tamil kalachara padi thaliyea kalattalama????????????
  • Naveenaa r
    Naveenaa r1 week agoVijay. Tv , if you are true then put that madhumita last footage
  • Mahesh Rangasamy
    Mahesh Rangasamy1 week agoAbi ellam oru aalu nu nee yen ma support panna..
    GOWRI HARISH6 days agoU don't judge other contestants as if u r so good
  • Undisputed king
    Undisputed king1 week agoKakoos gang oda paid army yae Little talks dhan...Criminal ae ivangadha🤬🤬
  • Dazzling KOm
    Dazzling KOm1 week agoMadhu ..some of ur view point is absolutely ryte.. but overall issues that u brought was all total useless because none of it involves urself.. none of ur business actually.. u should have focused on ur goal and u were on right track to be winner.. but end of the day it’s ur fault.. learn to mind ur own business.. u can be even more better
  • Christine John
    Christine John2 days agoU only make problem in big boss . First u only talk too much about kavin . Say the word kavin using the girls

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