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  • ammulu lucky
    ammulu lucky1 week agoHow many of you are very bored to see video and started reading comments like me?
  • Meena Tavva
    Meena Tavva1 week agoThis video deserves 0.5 out of 5.
  • Gnana Sundari
    Gnana Sundari6 days agoU better do the video on 'types of mahatalli watchers' it will be so interesting.
  • P Varalakshmi
    P Varalakshmi1 week ago1st time I felt bore with your video janvi akka--------
  • VVK Padmavathy
    VVK Padmavathy1 week agoAnyone after watching world cup 😭😭😭😭 India losttt
  • Ramya reddy
    Ramya reddy1 week agoI'm sorry to say this janvi, I felt little bored
  • jbrecgovind mothi
    jbrecgovind mothi1 week agoSodhi vundhi video
  • Komaragiri Rohith
    Komaragiri Rohith1 week agoToo boring 😴 jahnavi frst tym I felt your video boring
  • vishal vishal tej
    vishal vishal tej1 week agoWho are not happy by lost of india😭😭
  • Rakesh Sunny772
    Rakesh Sunny7721 week agoDoes anyone noticed that Car is not moving 😂😂
  • vadithya vijayarani
    vadithya vijayarani1 week agoI have not watched your video completely as it is so, boring.
  • Mallikarjun Pamujula
    Mallikarjun Pamujula1 week agoJhanu sister first time I didn't satisfied with this video next Wednesday try to make up video about how a dye hard fan feels when India lost its matches in worldcup knockouts
    FRIENDS FORMULA1 week agoThe most boring episode
  • ABM channel
    ABM channel1 week agoFrom mrng wating for Your video
  • Deepa naidu
    Deepa naidu1 week agoThe concepts are getting boring jaanu .. pls try some different concepts pls🖤
  • kalyani chitrapu
    kalyani chitrapu1 day agoMy friends puked after watching🤦...no offence mahathalli...
  • Ratna Gem
    Ratna Gem1 week agoI only sleep in cab, no other thoughts. Not satisfactory video, too boring, our expectations are very high on you Janu please pick good content.
  • divya Moshappagari
    divya Moshappagari1 week agoEven I got diz type of headaches I have canlation fee 300
  • The Rajeev Mathews
    The Rajeev Mathews14 hours agoakka next Do the pisinari sangha president video the person who doesn't spend even one rupee for someone plzz
  • Venkat Udhay Kiran
    Venkat Udhay Kiran1 week agoCongratulations on the first most boring episode ever..!!