Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri leading Maghrib prayer at DEC Blackburn Published on Jun 20, 2017


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  • t.f.i.j Bint Siddique
    t.f.i.j Bint Siddique2 years ago (edited)Mashallah, the last Rakk'at, his recitation!!!!😢😢😢
  • مختارات لأجمل الروائع القرآنية
    مختارات لأجمل الروائع القرآنية2 years agoما شاء الله لا قوة إلا بالله 😍 💗 💗 💗
  • Diene Libasse
    Diene Libasse1 year agoMachaala abo bak
  • Diene Libasse
    Diene Libasse1 year agoMachaala Abu
  • PellaWon
    PellaWon1 year agoLol placing the hands below the navel... reminds me of s certain school of thought.