Beautiful ***Abu Bakr Ashatri from his house Published on May 18, 2010


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Very nice recitation from Shiek Abu Bakr, recorded in 2010 at his house.


  • عُـدَي أبو مُـحَـمَّـد سوريا
    عُـدَي أبو مُـحَـمَّـد سوريا1 year agoماشاء الله والله إني أحبك في الله شيخنا أبو بكر الشاطري
  • Firdous Valley
    Firdous Valley5 years agobeautiful mashallah
  • Abid Farhan
    Abid Farhan3 years agoMost beautiful recitation of Surat-ul-Fatihah of all times.
    KHALID TENERIFE5 years agoماشاء الله. الله يعطيك الصحة
  • Dhanish Mahmood
    Dhanish Mahmood6 years agoWhen the sahaba asked the prophet peace and blessings be upon him, who he loved the most, he replied Aiysha Radiallah Wa Ann, When the sahaba questioned him again refering to the men, he then replied 'her father' .. Her father being none other than the best of creation after the prophets.. Abu Bakr As Siddeeq Radiallah Wa Ann
  • Mamadou lamine Mbow
    Mamadou lamine Mbow6 years agoMaa'shaa'Allah Ya habiibi
  • K G
    K G6 years agomashallah a long time witout uploads brother
  • IIAlAfghaniyaII
    IIAlAfghaniyaII6 years agoAww my beloved Shaikh seems to be very shy ^^ ...the deffident smile at the end *-*
  • Dima Neunberg
    Dima Neunberg6 years agoschöne Lektüre
  • __ab
    __ab7 years ago@mena654 Ali (RA) was the Prophet's first cousin and son-in-law and Abubakr (RA) was the best friend of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).. End of story. Do not degrade any of the sahaaba because who are you? Don't tell me who the Prophet loved more like you was in his heart. Just learn what you can learn from the History of Islam and don't play around with your akhirah.
  • Kim Sue
    Kim Sue7 years ago@mena654 Salaam. Astaghfirullah! We must never blaspheme. There is a piece of flesh that could take us either to Jannat or Jahannam: IT IS THE TONGUE! Use this organ to Glorify Allah swt as our beloved Al Shaikh is teaching us to do in this beautiful video. May Allah swt grant you guidance. Ameem.
  • Sümeyye Yilmaz
    Sümeyye Yilmaz7 years ago@mena654 what about the other prophets?
  • Abid Farhan
    Abid Farhan7 years agoMade my day! Subhan Allah, such a sweet face, sweet voice, he's one blessed man! Alhamdulillah.
  • raZe Tech
    raZe Tech7 years agoEveryone Abu Bakr was the prophet S.A.W's best friend
  • habs
    habs7 years ago@Dawahulislam YES BEST MAN TO PERFORM HARAM ACTS AND TO BE A COWARD !
  • FoAllah
    FoAllah7 years ago@mena654 No by Allah! you have spoken a false statement.... Abu Baker (ra) was most beloved of men to SAW, not Ali (ra).
  • Perpetuative
    Perpetuative7 years agoyou are like so awsome in recitation your the best i wish i could recite like you mashallah
  • habs
    habs8 years ago@Dawahulislam Best man? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL best man after our Holy Prophet SAWS was Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Not NOT abu bark (LA)
  • habs
    habs8 years agono way ! his name is abu bakr?
    CANDI PG8 years agoMASHALLAH 3