Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Published on Sep 5, 2010


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  • Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs
    Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs2 years agoThanks for watching! Owl & Star plush toys are back! ►
  • Layla
    Layla1 year agoone million view is from my daughter
  • Ashlynshy36
    Ashlynshy361 day agoWhen my cousin comes over to sleep at my house (she's 3) she will ask me to play this song
  • inder minhas
    inder minhas17 hours agoi love super simple songs... very soothing, lovely animations, beautiful voice, very nice composition👍😍
  • Gego's Garage
    Gego's Garage21 minutes agoUniversally lovely poem since childhood 🍼🍼 for everyone every day💝 are u an elder still enjoy this poem?
  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller1 day agoCute Owl 🦉 and star 🌟... I'm want to tear 😢
  • Nekruz Ismoilov
    Nekruz Ismoilov4 months agoMy daughter was 18 days old when she left our world. It happened 5 months ago. Take care and love your children. Be happy that you have a healthy and clever child. For parents like us it is a dream to have a baby for which we would play these beautiful lullabies at night. I really hope that soon my wife and I will be among such happy parents as you.
  • LPS GirlPro
    LPS GirlPro11 hours agoI remember when I was like 3 my gramma used to play this for me and my brother but she died a few years back so meany memories in this 😔💙
  • Mobile Legend.k.o.
    Mobile Legend.k.o.1 day agoEverybody watched this in 2019 liked.
  • Scarlet Briggs
    Scarlet Briggs1 day agoIt's a mint song this I liked and subbed
  • kemzy kimmy
    kemzy kimmy2 days agoXie xie
  • Zeref No Kage
    Zeref No Kage6 months agoAnyone still watching in 2019 ?
  • Avvandri Max
    Avvandri Max2 days agoورعي ما ينام الا عليها
  • Prenses Melek Eda
    Prenses Melek Eda6 hours agoWowwwwwww great video 👈 😊 💙 💚 💜 ❤️ 💟
  • Mabry Mello
    Mabry Mello1 day agoNana died so I listen to it it’s a memory
  • Nighat Sadal
    Nighat Sadal54 minutes ago0"6rdsss
  • Roro Em zin
    Roro Em zin4 months agoهل يوج ـد عربــيون هنآ
  • Mabry Mello
    Mabry Mello1 day agoMy nana died I listen to it
  • Claudia Mora
    Claudia Mora1 month agoanyone in 2019 watching this
  • GamingwithRayan Roblox
    GamingwithRayan Roblox2 days ago2 millions view from my son

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